Why should you choose Oval Dental for your dental treatment?


We cover a vast array of dental services. Our office is unique in the fact that the surgical part of the treatment as well as the restorative part and most important the interim care are done all under the same roof by one doctor. However when you need services that have to be performed by a specially equipped office we have you covered.

Implant overdentures

Say goodbye to the denture adhesive or glue! No more gagging on an upper denture. Start chewing your food with confidence knowing that you can virtually eat anything you like! Smile with confidence. Start tasting your food by having an open palate denture. In order to get this type of prosthesis a minimum of 4 implants have to be placed in proper position. Naturally, the more implants that are placed, the more stable it is.

There are 2 types of implant dentures:

  1. Screw retained, they are not removable and screw retained.
  2. Implant and tissue retained, they are removable ands snap into place.

Conventional dentures

These are prosthesis that were used before we had dental implants. Not as comfortable or as retentive as implant over dentures, but aesthetically pleasing. The technology of making these type of prosthesis improved so now we can offer digital dentures that are a lot more comfortable and more precise.

Extraction with immediate implant and immediate loading

This service is designed for patients that have an emergency. For example a tooth in the front area is broken and is non restorable. We can extract the tooth, place an implant and depending on how well the implant is anchored in we can place a temporary crown all in one procedure.

Wisdom teeth removal

We believe that in most cases wisdom teeth are better to be removed because they are hard to clean and cause a lot of problems, sometimes putting the teeth in front of them at risk. Although wisdom teeth can be removed at any age the best time is between 17 and 25 year old. The surgery and recovery is way easier than if done when older.


Are porcelain “jackets” over the teeth. They are usually made after a root canal was performed on a tooth and are designed to protect the tooth from fracture. Sometimes we use crowns to improve appearance and color of a tooth. We have a Cerec machine in the office and we have the ability to mill a crown on the same day we prepare the tooth. Although Cerec crowns could be cemented permanently we prefer to send the scan to the lab to make a permanent crown that will be stronger and better than a Cerec crown.

Composite fillings

If a tooth has caries, and its not to deep (not close to the nerve chamber of the tooth), a good conservative way to restore it is with a composite (tooth colored filling).

Periodontal treatment

For patients that have periodontal disease we provide treatment that will consist in a “deep cleaning”, followed by periodontal maintenance every 3 mo. Sometimes if the disease does not respond to conventional treatment we will have to place antibiotic (Arestin) in the pocket to try to reduce it. In some extreme cases we might need surgery.


Patients that have “overgrown” gums that cover the teeth we offer laser or electrosurgery to remove excess tissue.

Root canal therapy

We provide this service mostly for anterior teeth that have one or two canals. Molars have three or four canals and we believe that those cases have to be handled by a specialist (endodontist) that specializes in root canals. If you are in need of this treatment we can refer you to one of our trusted endodontists.

TMD treatment

For patients that have pain and problems with TMJ’s we provide treatment. Our philosophy is to start with noninvasive procedures first. Most of TMD (temporomandibular disorder) patients get immediate relief with just wearing a properly made night guard. If this simple device is not helping then an occlusal adjustment may be needed. Botox is a new way to relieve the pain associated with TMD, and we provide this service in the office. In very rare cases surgery may be the answer.

Routine dental maintenance

For our patients that are finished with their treatment or patients that don’t need any treatment we provide routine maintenance consisting in cleanings and exams to help you keep a healthy and beautiful smile.

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